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We are the primary trusted resource for safe, fast and complete stump grinding services in the area. If you’re looking for a place where customer service is important, then you have found the right site.

Simple Stump Grinding can offer you very competitive pricing together with best possible stump removal service!

Our reputation is proven as we do what we say we will do! So why not opt for the simplest, fastest, and ecologically liable way to remove tree stumps from your yard? Call us now at 888-539-0008 for a free quote and see how we can help you!


Client-oriented service

Treating our clients like we’d like to be treated

We offer quality service that meets customer expectations, and this makes us stand out from the rest of the companies in the industry. Being a customer-oriented company, we use a long term strategy that involves the whole company, from top management to phone call operators. We offer quotes over the phone, so don’t hesitate to call us now at 888-539-0008 for a FREE quote!


Using modern equipment

Providing up to heavy machinery to complete the job properly

We obviously provide stump grinding by applying advanced equipment. We can also offer removal of overgrown or unwanted shrubs and cleanup of areas with surface roots. We are equipped to deal mostly with small to medium-sized trees, providing there is room enough to get them cut. In case there if crane or bucket truck is needed we can provide them as well.

If you’re interested in any of our services, call us at 888-539-0008 so we can offer an accurate quote.

Stump Grinding

We service many areas in your state

We are a stump grinding company in your area that provides chemical free stump removal in the whole nearby area. We serve all types of clients: urban, rural, business and government. We also overhaul estates and farms. Give us a call at 888-539-0008 to see if we can service your area.

Qualified team working – free accurate quotes

One of our professional staff members will come to inspect the stump or stumps that you need to be removed. Personal visit gives us the simplest way to give you a free and accurate quote.

Our experienced Simple Stump Grinding staff is able to answer any questions you have and advise you on the best solution to get rid of unwanted tree stumps so that you can replant, build, concrete, pave, or turn back to lawn the area where the stump used to be.

Call us now at 888-539-0008 for a free quote request!

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