Simple Stump Grinding utilizes the latest technology in the industry that is used for places hard to access. These include raised gardens or steep banks. But we can reach them all thanks to our tracked machines that are operated by remote control.

Our experienced machine operators will grind the stump down to the correct depth and will also remove as much of the root system as needed. As a result the ground is prepared for replanting or construction.

We’re proud to deliver stump grinding services on the highest level. We are prepared to take out most small to medium trees, as long as there is space enough to do it. Simple Stump Grinding can also provide clean-up of spots with surface roots as well as removal of overgrown or annoying bushes. We turn your unwanted stumps into safe tree chips that are not dangerous to environment.

As an additional service, Simple Stump Grinding can haul off the wood chips created by the grinding of the stump for an additional charge, or leave them behind for use. We also can provide soil remediation as well - so that it appears that the tree and stump looks like it has never been there or we can leave the hole exposed so a new tree may be put back in the place.

Don't wait another season, give us a call via 888-539-0008 and we'll get stumps removed in no time flat!

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